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  • 12/05/2022 15:11


I. General introduction
Earlier 2000, Mathematics Department belonged to Faculty of Natural Science – An Giang Pedagogical College. In 2000, when there was an established decision of An Giang University, Mathematics Department became one of the first Departments was established belonging to Faculty of Education – An Giang University.
Right at the first academic year at An Giang University, Mathematics Department trained 135 students who were majored in Mathematics Pedagogy.

Going through 22 training courses with 18 former courses, Mathematics Department has been training over 1000 Bachelors of Mathematics for An Giang province and Mekong Delta. 
Mathematics Department is one of the best Departments of the University, every year it sends students to Mathematics Olympia and wins many high prizes from this competition.

II. Function, Mission
- Training Bachelors with political quality, good morality, professional qualification and major for working. Mathematics Department is now managing the Mathematics Pedagogy training program in University level.  

- Also the Department participates in teaching Mathematics credits for other branches in the University.