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An Giang University
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  • 03/12/2021 14:18


        AGU was established in 2000. DLL was formerly under the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, then moved to the FE. There were 20 lecturers teaching Literature and Linguistics program’s specialized courses at undergraduate level for LLTE, Primary Education, and Preschool Education programs. Currently, the DLL has only 10 lecturers because some lecturers have retired, and others have transferred to the Primary Education Department.

        DLL manages 2 study programs including LLTE and Literature study programs. As of August 2021, the LLTE program has 21 cohorts (DH1C to DH21NV), of which 18 cohorts had graduated (DH1C to DH18NV). Literature program has 3 cohorts (DH19VH, DH20VH, and DH21VH), and there has yet any graduate. Currently, the total number of students studying the LLTE program is 117 students.





Head of Department
    Dr. Nguyen Thanh Phong
    Mobilephone: 0987 113 471

Vice head of Deparment
    MA. Lam Tran Son Ngoc Thien Chuong
    Mobilephone: 0918 023 987