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  • 12/05/2022 15:03

1. Function:

- Training teachers in different levels: Pre-school, Primary school, Junior high school, High school.

- Managing teaching and studying activities which are in charge by the Faculty.

- Organizing scientific research activities oriented of research and application.

- Adjusting teaching and studying methods to ensure the training purpose of the University.

- Participating in editing and evaluating the training programs of the branches belonging to the Faculty as well as following the University assignment.

2. Mission:

- Organizing and managing teaching activities from Departments which are in charge by the Faculty

- Frequently following, supervising and speeding up the innovation, change and enhancement of teaching and studying methods.

- Organizing scientific research activities in Faculty and participating in scientific research activities at University level
- Editing, evaluating and adjusting curriculums, materials serving teaching, training program of the Faculty.

- Editing the short term training programs of the Faculty and other training programs following the University assignment to train the short term courses.

- Managing, using and exploiting effectively the University material facilities and equipment.

- Managing student studying, playing and living activities by the Faculty.

- Practicing other required contents following the University assignment.

- Taking note and practicing well from other unit requests with problems which are related to the Faculty’s responsibility 

3. Training ability:

- Training teachers with college, university level in Pre-school, Primary school, Junior high school, High school, in pedagogical branches with different kinds of education Full-time education, Association, part-time education.

- Training some scientific branches: Literature, Bachelor of Chemistry.

- Training the improved classes of teacher.

- Training, improving postgraduate branches: Educational management, Pedagogy.